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I’m on a mission to reshape the nation one person at a time. It’s about time someone helped you to finally take control of leading a healthy lifestyle full of full body confidence, fun and effective workout routines and food plans that allow you to eat healthy exciting meals whilst gaining the fitness and body goals you have always wanted.

I created the HIIT 90 plan as a way to support people through the many obstacles that are put in the way of gaining and then maintaining great fitness, health and body confidence on a daily basis.

You no longer need to feel confused when it comes to gaining great shape; I am here to support, educate and lead you towards fitness success over the next 90 days.

I’ve successfully helped hundreds of men and women from across the United Kingdom and around the world gain great shape and achieve excellent body confidence.

Today I offer you full access to HIIT 90 as a one stop master-class blueprint plan. Join today and I will personally support you over the next 90 days as I teach you exactly what it takes to feel great again.

Now is the best time to join

Join today and take full control of your membership. Come and say hello inside the HIIT 90 members coaching group and enjoy the immediate benefits as we welcome you onboard.

We support you every step of the way

We support all HIIT 90 members throughout the entire online fitness challenge. Follow our signature plan and have your questions answered inside our members only support group as we educate and lead you towards your personal success with daily video coaching, nutrition blueprint downloads and our 3 phase masterclass guide.

Success in numbers

Over 60 workout challenges. More than 100 healthy recipes and eating guides. Over 20 coaching masterclass videos guiding you toward your weekly success. A 3-part step-by-step fitness system that's successfully helped hundreds of people transform their body from around the world. Understand how to transform and then maintain your body goal over the next 90 days.

Becoming A HIIT 90 Member

It’s simple, I love to help men and women achieve their best on a daily basis. I hate the idea that so many individuals from around the world still struggle to gain and then maintain the dream body.
HIIT 90 perfectly presents my fitness and coaching blueprint online over the course of 12 weeks.

I’m now fully focused on delivering this plan into the hands of individuals who need my help and want to start enjoying a lifestyle of healthy delicious foods and effective workouts that work.

“Jem Scragg, HIIT 90 Master”

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