Frequently Asked Questions

We have your questions answered

We have put together a selection of commonly asked questions and answers to help you decide whether you’re ready to become a member of the HIIT 90 plan.

Can I train from home and if so what do I need?

Yes you can train from anywhere in the world.

At home, the office, a gym, a hotel, on holiday, at a friends house, at work or in a local park.

HIIT 90 is full of body weight exercise routines that will challenge your fitness and health in just 10-28 minutes per workout.

Buy yourself a new exercise mat and have a bottle of drinking water with you for each workout. But apart from that we don’t think you will need anything else.

How long are the workouts?

The workouts range from 10-28 minutes in length.

We made the decision to build out workout challenges that help members gain the best results in a short period of time each day.

This helps us to periodise the 90 day fitness coaching section of the HIIT 90 plan and it helps our members stay truly accountable even though they may lead hectic lifestyles or feel that having spare time each day isn’t always easy to find.

Inside our members support area our head coach Jem often sets mini fitness bonus challenges. At times these workout challenges are longer than 28 minutes in length; but these are bonus extras that simply add more value to the HIIT 90 membership experience.

Can I do HIIT 90 whilst following another plan?

If you would like to use the HIIT 90 plan as an added extra to another plan then YES this is OK.

The HIIT 90 plan has a step by step coaching formula attached to it. We have done this to perfectly support our members and their fitness goals and experience.

Because of this you can gain excellent fitness and health based results using our plan and only our plan.

But if you would like to join us whilst partnering this plan with another plan please take full advantage.

Do I have to complete the plan in 90 days?

If you follow the plan in the way we hope you do it will take just 90 days.

Having said that once you become a member you will gain full access to HIIT 90 for much longer than 90 days.

We have had many members complete the plan in more days than 90, so if you need to please feel free to take your time through each phase of the journey.

You will gain full support from our online community from day one of membership. This support won’t be lost once you reach 90 days.

Will the HIIT 90 plan help me with nutrition?

YES! We have a brilliant nutrition system attached to the HIIT 90 plan.

You can follow a signature meal-by-meal action plan that will move you directly towards your personal fitness goals.

You can also follow our blueprint guidelines throughout the 90 days of training.

We will help you truly understand what healthy eating means and how best to implement it into your lifestyle if you aim to achieve a healthy, toned and active body.

We will be excited to introduce you to the nutritional element of the HIIT 90 plan.

I can't exercise at the moment, will the HIIT 90 food plan still help me lose weight?

The HIIT 90 plan has excellent nutritional support and would without question help you lose weight even if you were not able to do any of the exercise.

Ideally we would like you to enjoy our workout sessions throughout HIIT 90 so if you are interested in starting the plan but unsure if you would be able to complete the training sessions please contact us and tell our coaching team more about why you’re not sure that you can follow the exercise along with the nutrition.

We’ll be able to help you take the best next step.

I am pregnant/breastfeeding, can I still start the plan?

The plan is not suitable for pregnancy but we would love you to join us for the HIIT 90 challenge once you are back to full health after giving birth. At this point we would love to welcome you on board.

The HIIT 90 plan is all about the healthier lifestyle so it is perfectly safe for mums who are currently breastfeeding. But as with all fitness plans it is advised that if you are currently breastfeeding you should speak to your GP first to ensure that they are happy for you to join the plan.

We all have different fitness and health goals. HIIT 90 delivers you the platform and the support community to reach your goals whilst enjoying your personal fitness journey. We look forward to welcoming you to the plan when you’re ready.

My partner and I want to do the plan together, do we follow the same workouts and eat the same food?

The guidelines that structure the exercise plans that you will both be following are similar but not exactly the same.

The nutrition will depend on your taste and nutritional needs that will aid your personal fitness results and performance goals.

The area of the plan where you will both gain huge individual value will be inside the members only Online Fitness and Support Group.

Here everything is very personal and aimed at each individual member of HIIT 90. It is here where we aim to support you in a way that feels like you have a personal trainer on call every day.

Can I become a member at any time?

Yes you can become a member of HIIT 90 at any time.

As soon as you register your membership we will send you your personal login details and welcome you onboard.

You will receive your first coaching video from Jem on Saturday and our aim will be to support you and help you be prepared for your first workout on Monday.

Can you tell me more about the HIIT 90 online coaching community?

The online coaching community is where you gain the opportunity to receive personalised coaching and support from the HIIT 90 coaches and personal trainer.

This is an area we have designed to help our members feel accountable, interact and support one another on a daily basis; no matter where in the world you might be based.

You will find that our Online Fitness and Support Community is an amazing place to hangout, get inspired, share stories and learn.

It is growing and we look forward to welcoming you to the community.

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So far we have helped hundreds of men and women from around the world but our aim is to help thousands by the end of the year.

We understand that everyone is different and we all have questions before getting started